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Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr Interview with Anna Mitchell of Sacred Heart Radio
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Welcome to St. Benedict the Moor Parish

A Catholic community united in faith, Hope and Love and dedicated to the love of God and neighbor. We are a Vibrant Multi-Cultural Community of believers Evangelizing the world as we evangelize our neighborhood. Together with our sister parish St. Mary’s, we are building bridges between East and West side of Dayton living out our faith.

Are you a new person in the Dayton area, are you looking for a Traditional Catholic Place or are you looking for the Gospel Mass you found one. Please visit our website to educate yourself more on the Catholic Teachings. I especially want to invite you to stay more connected with us by… Visiting this website often for frequent updates.

Anniversary Message from the Pastor

The Lord Has Made a Way

There is this song we sing: "When I look back over my life and I think things all over, I can truly say I have been blessed...". Isn't that the truth? I remember the many stories I was told when I was perusing to build. Comments like, "Father don't worry yourself, it is not going to happen. How is it going to happen when we have not broken ground? Oh, it is not true that the land even belongs to us or we bought it." Yes, if you tell folks all the things that they said and the comments they made they may not believe it, but in all this, God has made a way for us. One person who was very much supportive and encouraging was the late deacon Jernigan, may God have mercy on his soul. He suggested that I put a sign on the property and he will pay for it, and that may encourage parishioners to contribute to the building. He was supportive of the groundbreaking even though the money was not ready. Here we are in 2020 celebrating this wonderful event of 15 years of togetherness: St. James, St. John, and Resurrection Parishes, in a new building built by us, a predominantly black Catholic community of faith. St. Benedict the Moor Parishioners, one of this kind in Ohio and one of four churches built by people of color in the nation.

As we are being grateful to God for what has made a way for us, we are thankful to all who supported us in this journey: foundations and their grants, Dayton Catholic parishes, supporters of our Cardinal Bernardin Banquets, our friends from other denominations, individuals and anonymous donors, the list goes on. Thank you to all who helped pave the way for us.

Over the years our church has been joining other churches in making life better for the people in Dayton, and the west side in particular. St. Benedict the Moor Church with Leaders for Equality of Dayton (LEAD) took action in making sure that people from the west side get easy access of transportation to and from North Fairfield for work, health, education, and shopping by advocating for RTA to extend bus services to the Mall of Fairfield Commons. We also advocate for the second chance program for the ex-convicts with City of Dayton to change its ordinance. Five years ago we made a conscious decision to reclaim our school, Resurrection, Mary Queen of Peace, now St. Benedict the Moor Catholic School, putting our resources, extending school hours and granting tutoring, improving the grades of students and passing the proficiency test. Today, the school has changed the life of many students, in and around our community, with good grades. The door was opened for them to compete with their counterparts in the suburbs for a brighter future. Through our Social Action Group we are able to serve about 400 people every two weeks with groceries and pay utility bills for others. Once a month we also feed the residents at the St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Center with Brunch. Yes, the Lord has used us to bring about his mission of changing his people and bringing about love. As we look back over our life in our faith journey as church, in many ways we can sing this song, say we have a true testimony that the Lord has used us to build his church. Yes, indeed, we have become an icon on this corner of 35 and Liscum Drive. For many years we strive to be a church whose mission is to evangelize the west side of Dayton, which we do well. As we look forward to our next celebration (25 years?) we should not forget the fact that our numbers are becoming more and more seniors. Even though we have new members coming in, it doesn't keep up with the sick and dying members we unfortunately lose every year. May the Lord listen to our prayers by showing us the way to bring more people into joining his mission.

All Anniversary Events are Postponed indefinitely except our first Thursday of the month Holy Hour.



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